Melt lines from Greenland interactive map
August 24, 2021

In mid-August 2021, a late-summer heatwave struck Greenland, causing widespread melt on the ice sheet and rain at the summit.

Maps of US temp and precip patterns for July 2021
August 10, 2021

Stories of drought, extreme heat, and fires dominated the weather headlines for the West in July. The central and eastern U.S. were wet and relatively cool.

August 9, 2021

The findings of their review of more than 14,000 studies are clear: climate change is affecting nearly every part of the planet, and there is no doubt that human activities are the cause.

graphic combining a global map of June 2021 temperature anomalies and bar graph of historical temperatures each June
July 14, 2021

Record-warm temperatures over land combined with a sixth-warmest June for the oceans to make June 2021 the fifth-warmest June since records began in 1880.

US map of June temperature anomalies plus graph overlay
July 9, 2021

June precipitation was average across the country, a balancing out of dryness in the West and wetness in the Lower Mississippi, Eastern Seaboard, and Great Lakes.

Two small US maps showing May 2021 precipitation and drought status
June 9, 2021

May 2021 was mild across much of the contiguous U.S., with dry conditions widespread across the West, the Northern Plains, the Ohio Valley, and the Mid-Atlantic.

Yellow buoy in foreground and boat in background
June 3, 2021

From algae growth and sea ice to tsunamis, moored ocean buoys are vital to understanding and predicting the ocean.

GLobal map of March 2021 temperature compared to average
April 14, 2021

Although this was the smallest warm departure for any March since 2014, it was still the eighth-warmest March for the planet in the 142-year record.

Rebecca Jackson
February 9, 2021

To better predict sea level rise, Rebecca Jackson wants to describe exactly what happens where liquid ocean meets the icy underside of glaciers. But how do you study a glacier that could calve a dangerous iceberg at any moment?