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Global Warming FAQ
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How can I submit questions, comments, or suggestions about Climate.gov?

General comments on the Home page, including the Global Climate Dashboard and the Past Weather widget:


Section-specific feedback:

News & Features: climate-climatewatchmagazine@noaa.gov

Maps & Data: climate-dataandservices@noaa.gov

Teaching Climate: climate-education@noaa.gov


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    If I submit a question about the portal, when can I expect a reply?

    Response time depends on how much email we get in any given week, but in general, we respond within one week, if not sooner.

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    Can I re-use this data/product/image/video?

    Yes! Anything credited to NOAA Climate.gov can be freely re-used with proper attribution. If an image or other asset has a specific copyright or credit to an individual or group other than NOAA, you should obtain permission directly from the source. As with all NOAA materials, the re-use of Climate.gov content should not imply NOAA endorsement of a product, service, or organization. We cannot grant you exclusive rights to use any of our content.

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    How can I publish my content on NOAA Climate.gov?

    We primarily publish NOAA climate data and information, but we are interested in developing content-sharing relationships with other agencies, institutions, and groups who share our goals, objectives, and communication strategy. If you'd like to see your content published on Climate.gov, please contact the relevant editorial team:

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    How do I interpret this data set/product/article/image; this dataset/product/page looks wrong or out of date; can I get this data/image/product in a different format?

    You'll get the quickest response if you provide the specific URL and contact the editorial team of the section it came from:

    If you aren't sure where on Climate.gov an item came from, provide as much detail as you can and use the general mailbox: climate-portal@noaa.gov

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    Who decides which content is added to the portal?

    Each section has an editorial team that produces content or evaluates and recommends content for publication on Climate.gov based on strict criteria (e.g., FGDC compliant metadata must be available for data sets; News & Features articles must be based on best available science and have been reviewed by a subject matter expert). We will continue to expand the data and information available through the portal in coming months.

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    Who is allowed to post content on the Portal?

    Primarily, NOAA Climate.gov publishes NOAA data and information, but any agency, institution, or group serving the same audiences as Climate.gov may submit content to be considered for publication. NOAA staff and contractors from across the agency are responsible for the actual posting of content to the portal.

    Site Functionality
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    How do I report a broken link?

    Please contact the webmaster at ncdc.webmaster@noaa.gov.

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    Why is this page taking so long to load?

    Please contact the webmaster at ncdc.webmaster@noaa.gov.

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    Which browser should I be using, and what plug-ins do I need?

    NOAA Climate.gov strives to be widely accessible to the public and is therefore compatible with multiple browsers on multiple platforms. Compatibility is periodically tested against the browsers listed below, which we recommend using when browsing this Portal. Other browsers may work, but have not been tested.

    For Windows:

    For Macintosh:

    Portions of NOAA Climate.gov use Adobe Flash. Your browser should be equipped with the Adobe Flash 10 plug-in to view Flash content. This plug-in is free and typically takes less than 2 minutes to download and install. Click to download the Adobe Flash plugin.