Where's ClimateWatch Magazine?

It's still here! ClimateWatch Magazine is now News & Features, which is where you can find all the images, stories, and videos previously published in the magazine.

What else is new?

We have a new topic-driven navigation menu across the top of the News & Features landing page. All articles in the News & Features section are tagged with one or more of the navigation categories. Click one of the navigation categories to see all articles tagged with that term.

We have organized articles with similar styles and themes into editorial departments—such as "Climate Q&A" for questions and answers and "Understanding Climate" for factsheets and "explainers." Click a department name to see a list of recently published articles, or click "See all" for a department's whole collection.

Can't find an old article?

Please see our "404" page for suggestions on how to find old articles on the new site, or ask us if you need help.

What do you think?

NOAA Climate.gov has been redesigned in response to user feedback and external assessment. If you have comments or suggestions about the new News & Features design, please let us know.


Where's the Education section?

We expanded its scope, redesigned it, and renamed it "Teaching Climate."

What else is new?

The Teaching Climate section now leverages tens of millions of dollars in NOAA, NASA, and NSF federal education grant projects by providing more than 514 of the best of the best climate education resources that have been produced over the last 10 years or so. Through a partnership with the Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Network (CLEAN), these resources were selected from over 15,000 resources that were rigorously reviewed by teams of subject experts for scientific accuracy, pedagogical soundness, and usability.

We now support the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) through an integrated Earth system science approach in K-12 education.  The CLEAN framework for vetting, reviewing, and assuring scientific quality of climate and global change education materials on climate, energy and related topics will be useful to teachers and educational systems across the nation.

Also, all the pages in Teaching Climate are tagged according to the climate keywords as well as by the essential principles of climate literacy, national science education standards, and grade level.  This new tagging system was developed in partnership with TERCCIRESNOAA, and SERC.  The system allows educators and other users to easily search the CLEAN collection for activities in specific areas of interest.

Feedback you'd like to offer? A resource you'd like to share?

Please let us know.


Where's the Understanding Climate section?

It's still here, but the section has been renamed Supporting Decisions. We still offer authoritative factual information for planners, decision makers, and policy leaders. But we've expanded the section’s scope and redesigned it in ways that help you more quickly access the information you need.

Supporting Decisions is a clearinghouse of climate science and policy reports, decision support tools, datasets, and professional development opportunities. You can access this content directly from the landing page or click one of the navigation categories at the top of the page to see all of these content types aggregated by societal and environmental sectors, topics, and regions. There are now also interviews with decision makers talking about how they use climate information and short video tutorials on handy tools to help people make climate-related decisions.

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What's new with the Data section?

We expanded its scope, redesigned it, and renamed it Maps & Data.  Check out our new map collections showing the latest climate conditions.  GIS-savvy users will want to explore our Integrated Map Application, where we've added more datasets.  Also, our Global Climate Dashboard is now accessible via mobile devices. 

Can't find what you're seeking? Try typing in a keyword of interest to search our entire collection.

Feedback you'd like to offer? A resource you'd like to share?

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